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The Leader’s Guide: 15 Essential Skills

1st and 2nd editions available

"Leadership at all levels will be an organization’s main competitive advantage in the new millennium. The Leader’s Guide is recommended reading for those within the organization who want to become more effective leaders and major contributors to the organization’s long-term success."

--Dick Reggio, Senior Vice President, Global Learning & Development, Pfizer Inc.

"Great value to experienced leaders and novices alike."
--General Carl E. Vuono, former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army

"This is a practical and hands-on guide to the step-by-step thinking any leader should undertake."
--Janet L. Schinderman, Associate Dean, Columbia Business School

"Leadership can be learned! Here are 15 valuable skills that will help the world’s supervisors and managers do the right things every day -- things that are necessary to make their organizations a success."
--State President, American Society for Training and Development

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